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Bio-Pruf® hygienic ceiling systems

Pristine specialist ceilings would like to introduce the Pristine Bio-Pruf® ceiling system.

This unique system is a simple, quick and economical solution to all your ceiling hygiene problems. It protects sensitive machines and work surfaces from various forms of ceiling contamination such as bacteria, fungus, dust and debris.

Benefits of the Pristine Bio-pruf® hygienic ceiling system

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal - the system offers complete resistance to bacteria and fungus
  • Air-tight - the system can be made 100% airtight for sterile environments
  • No cracked ceilings - no cracked, flaking or peeling paint, creating a more hygenic environment
  • Maintenance free - no need to paint or re-decorate again
  • Washable - easy to clean, a simple wipe down when necessary is all that is required
  • Anti-static properties - repels dust
  • Clean, fast installation - no priming, painting or drying time. We ensure a quick, non-disruptive, dust-free installation outside normal working hours for minimum disturbance.
  • Condensation free - condensation will never form on the ceiling and the system has a vapour barrier rating of BS3177
  • Non-flammable - assessed to a fire rating of Class 0.
  • Guaranteed - 10 year manufacturer's guarantee
  • Economical - fast installation and maintenance free to ensure excellent cost savings
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Our own professionally trained ceiling fitters carry out the installation.

The procedure is very quick, clean, with no dust or mess. Priming, painting or drying time is not required.